M. Arif Anas, 0001086509 and Andar, Indra Sastra and Mirnawati, 01100417 and Marzam, marzam (2021) REKAM JEJAK ESTETIKA SUFI DALAM STRUKTUR SENI PERTUNJUKAN SALAWAIK DULANG DI MINANGKABAU INDONESIA. Panggung Jurnal Seni Budaya, 31 (2). pp. 93-107. ISSN 2502-3640

Text (Rekam Jejak Estetika Sufi Dalam Struktur Seni Pertunjukan Salawaik Dulang Di Minangkabau Indonesia)
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The purpose of this article is to reveal the track record of Sufi aesthetics in the concept of Salawaik Dulang Performing Arts in Minangkabau. A track record is everything a person has done in the past and can be used as a role model until now. Everything in this context elates to Sufi aesthetics and its relation to the performing arts of Salawaik Dulang. In the Sufi tradition, aesthetics is further associated with metaphysics and the spiritual path – spirituality – which is taken through the Sufism method. Spirituality is living with the awareness that God is always near us. That awareness gives rise to the impetus for all human actions; including in the world of performing arts – salawaik dulang. Musically, dulang serves as a medium for regulating tempo, rhythm and at the same time functioning as the music. The singing of the rhymes accompanied by the dulang wasps was performed by two groups (groups) of salawat dulang; both of them fight aesthetically in the salawaik dulang show. Qualitative methods based on involved observations were used in collecting research data through: investigation (observation), interviews, documentation, and data analysis. Results; The series of poems are narrated by the salawaik dulang; ranging from kotbah to cancan songs represent the teachings of the tarekat, because they are philosophical; The salawaik dulang performance has become a form of expression that represents Sufism for adherents of the Syatariyah order in Minangkabau

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Track Record, Sufi Aesthetics, Performing Arts, Salawaik Dulang, Minangkabau
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